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Biloxi, Mississippi is a beautiful old town that boasts charm, history and waterfront views. Unfortunately those three qualities can also manifest themselves in drainage problems. When it comes to clogged pipes, there are a number of problems that cause headaches for a property owner. There are common ones like soap build up or freezes. But the uniqueness of the Gulf Coast also means property owners here have their own set of problems. Brought to you by ASAP Plumbing are some of the most common causes for water clogs in Biloxi, Mississippi.


  • Tree Roots

Those avenues lined with sprawling oaks that have roots big enough to create a jungle gym? They can also create a jungle around your pipes. As the roots spread, they search out water and nutrients deep in the ground. Many of those stately mansions and homes that were built in the 1800’s or at the turn of the century and updated over the years were fitted with clay pipes and are surrounded by large trees with enormous roots. These clay pipes are easy enough for a root to break through, causing a major water clog. If you notice a problem in your home, check for spreading roots around your water lines.

  • Offset Pipes

Another issue that has arisen in older neighborhoods are offset pipes. This simply means that as piping sections were added here and there over the years, things get moved, different materials are used and eventually there are a bunch of small infractions causing a big blockage. If you live in a larger estate, or even a smaller home in a crowded neighborhood, your water clog may require examination across several lots.

  • Hurricane Damage

Living on the Gulf Coast is lovely until it means having to deal with hurricanes. In addition to the immediate damage that the storms can cause, property owners also must plan for the long-term damage that can occur in their water pipes. Watch for the following clues following a tropical storm to check for clogged drains.

  • Dirt Deluge—This is a result of the waves carrying in pounds and pounds of dirt and soil. It washes into grates and other open access points, filling the pipes to the point that not even air can find its way through.
  • Weighted Land—Pipes are fitted to withstand the weight of the world above them, but even the strongest of materials can only take so much. As the rain and ocean takes over a city during a hurricane, the ground can become so heavy that it cracks any water lines below.
  • Shifting Foundations—While many structures along the coast are built to withstand hurricane force winds, there can still be shifts in a structure and its foundation. When this happens it can break a main line from a home to the underground system.


There are many positives to living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Just keep in mind the work needed as well to keep life running smoothly by taking note of the most common causes for water clogs in Biloxi, Mississippi from ASAP Plumbing.


If something still manages to clog your drains, call ASAP Plumbing right away so we can get your pipes flowing smoothly again. We are here to help keep your holidays on the happy side. You can count on us for quality work, competitive rates, and fast, friendly service. Call ASAP Plumbing at 228-865-2727. Enjoy your holidays, from ASAP Plumbing!


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