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What To Get Your Plumber for Valentine’s DayGULFPORT, MS

Valentine’s Day is such a beautiful time, reserved for lovers, poets, dreamers and…plumbers? Your view of the special day might inspire thoughts of roses in candlelight complete with a significant other dressed to the nines. But St. Valentine would like for us to celebrate everyone that is important in our lives on his special day, even if we only think of them when we need them. When it comes to our home life, few fit this bill more than our plumbers. These men and women are there for us when disaster strikes at any time, any day. They’re happy to rush over when our kid shoves that toy down the toilet, flooding the bathroom or when we accidentally drop our ring down the kitchen sink. So, this year show your appreciation for that all-important fixture in your life and start making plans about what to get your plumber for Valentine’s Day with these ideas from Southeast Plumbing and Leak Detection. 


Long Shirts

Let’s just be honest; one of the things these do-it all guys are most notorious (read: infamous) for is “plumber crack” for lack of a better term. Help them combat the problem with some long button-up shirts. Whether they let the shirt hang out or tuck it in, the tail will keep everything above board while your family hangs out during repairs. There are many workingman brands now that specifically make long tailed garments for these situations. Invest in a few for your plumber.  


Head Light or New Flashlight

Help shed some light on those dark areas under sinks, around pipes and even under the house—in case your situation has become that dire. Gift wrap a nice new headlight and/or a small hand-held flashlight that will fit in pockets while shedding maximum wattage.


Cologne or Perfume

Plumbing is a nasty and smelly business. Help them mask the scent with a nice new cologne or perfume. They dig through a lot of crap (pun intended) for us, so help them ease the unpleasant aroma with some chemically formulated scents.



While you’re helping your plumber get rid of any smells, give them the opportunity to spread that love on their own time. Chances are these workers spend a majority of their day around toilets that are emitting horrifying smells. When it’s time for them to take care of their own “business,” a bit of Poo-Pourri will help make the entire experience more pleasant—at least in the olfactory sense.


Kneeling Pad

With how much time these guys spend on their knees peeking under faucets, it’s bound to take a toll. A nice, thick kneeling pad can help put off years of wear and tear and make you their favorite customer.


Pipe Clamp

Every workingman seems to have adopted an unofficial motto: “You can never have too many clamps.” This is especially true when you’re working with pipes, having to constantly shut them on and off, cutting and reconnecting the maze. Throw a clamp into their tool set for a gift that will constantly be used.


Waterproof Socks

When you flood the bathroom in the middle of the night and call in a professional for help, take heart for what they’re wading into—literally. Waterproof socks are something few people would think of but everyone will want, especially someone who has to spend hours on end working through water.


Now that you’ve wrapped your head around the idea of lavishing your plumber on the day of love, decide what to get your plumber for Valentine’s Day with these handy tips from Southeast Plumbing and Leak Detection.


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